Restaurant Review – March 2006

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine Restaurant Review March 2006.

Restaurant Review Photo March 2006

By “The Unknown Eater”

Old favorite dresses up… Many visitors to our Valley learned long ago of the convenience and the excellence of Jonesy’s Steak House. Located in the terminal at the Napa airport, Jonesy’s offers a full range of dining plus a cocktail bar, terrific service and very tasty food.Jonesy’s established a reputation as a first class steak house more than 50 years ago. In 2005, Bill Tuthill renovated his place but kept the parts that keep us coming back – the service and the outstanding food. The décor is comfortable and exactly right for relaxing.

Long time visitors who fly into to Napa often comment that Jonesy’s is a time warp kind of place that takes them back to airport restaurants from 50 years ago. When they say this, they get teary eyed and nostalgic. I agree. This is no rush ‘em in, rush ‘em out kind of place. At Jonesy’s it is okay to take your time, try a classic or try something new and to get to know old friends even better.

It is fun to sit by the windows and watch the airplanes take off and arrive just feet from your table. If the timing is right, you may see a real celebrity step down from a gorgeous private jet. Of course, this unique experience is even better with a custom made cocktail or a glass of Napa Valley’s finest. Turn your head and you can see Jonesy’s unique flat grill where steaks are cooked with a flat Sacramento rock on top to hold in the juices and produce that firm outside and juicy tender inside that steak lovers crave.

Maybe the perfect dinner for two is Jonesy’s Service for Two. This is a huge, 24 ounce sirloin done to your taste plus each of you will get a tossed green salad or a bowl of soup and your choice of potatoes or rice pilaf. Jonesy’s great staff is pleased to serve exactly what you want.

Not in the mood for steaks? Relax, Jonesy’s offers Broasted Chicken, tasty seafood, great salads and two specialties that are not to be missed, Jonesy’s homemade Famous Bleu Cheese Dressing and Jonesy’s Special Potatoes. They will delight your taste for, well, something a little different. Years ago, when we first came to Napa, people told us about Jonesy’s Famous Bleu Dressing and those incredible potatoes.

Jonesy’s Special Potatoes are freshly shredded potatoes with cheese and grilled onions. Many times we have gone to Jonesy’s just for the potatoes. Both are available at lunch and at dinner. Tasting these two unique items is a good enough reason to head for Jonesy’s right now.

Readers will appreciate that I am a cheeseburger fanatic. Jonesy’s features simply terrific cheeseburgers. Add perfect fries and a small house salad and I am in business. A business associate and I stopped in for lunch recently. We had the burgers and the small salads. I spooned some of the Jonesy’s Famous Bleu Cheese Dressing on my burger. Fantastic!

Speaking of lunch, if you are anywhere in the south county area, make Jonesy’s your headquarters for a private lunch, business lunch or even a company meeting. Jonesy’s has banquet facilities and they can always find a place for you that affords privacy for your meetings.

At Jonesy’s you can enjoy lunch and dinner, fine cocktails and great local wines. The dining room is open daily (except Mon) 11:30am – 8:00pm; breakfast is served at the counter from 10am. This great steak house, which also features very reasonable prices, is convenient to just about everyone in the county. Parking is close up and abundant at any time of the day. When you visit Jonesy’s, take the time to look around the gift shop and the airport. You will find that Napa County operates a pride-and-joy small airport that shows Napa’s best to visitors.


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