Restaurant Review – September 2007

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine Restaurant Review September 2007

Small World Restaurant

Small World Restaurant
By “The Elusive Epicurean”

Nestled amongst the swanky restaurants of downtown Napa is a place that reminds me of the many cafes that sustained me during my college years. I’m talking about unpretentious places serving up consistently good food, day after day, to hungry, budget- conscious hordes. Small World does just that, and with a heavy dose of character and charm that is appreciated by regulars such as this thrifty working girl.

Small World serves up Mediterranean and American classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus any cravings you might have in between. With a menu that spans not only every meal but the entire globe, I was forced to assemble a crack squad of Secret Agent Food Tasters to assist in getting the job done. We began with breakfast.

My favorite Small World breakfast is the Greek Omelet, with fresh mint, olives, tomatoes, and feta cheese ($6.25). A close second is the Vegetarian, with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, zucchini and onion ($6.25). Either are perfect for helping me recuperate from my Friday night. Meanwhile, the downtown workaday crowd can enjoy breakfast on the fly with goodies like the Egg & Cheese Bagel ($3.99), the Scrambled Egg & Cheese Pita ($3.99), or the Breakfast Burrito stuffed with eggs, mushrooms, Polish sausage, and jack & cheddar cheese ($4.75).

Small World lunches are a regular thing for my Squad. Agent K favors the Grilled Chicken Salad: a whopping serving of grilled chicken over greens with sliced cabbage, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and two dressings served on the side ($9.25). Agent L goes for Lamb Salad version (also $9.25), while Agent A likes the traditional Lamb Gyro ($6.75). Me? I’m a Falafel girl ($5.99).

For the less adventurous, or those simply not in the mood for Mediterranean, Small World has plenty of traditional American fare, such as Burgers (beef $4.50, veggie $4.99, or turkey $5.25), Fish & Chips ($5.85), and Onion Rings ($4.50). If you missed the county fair, don’t fret. Your opportunity to eat food on a stick has not passed you by. The humble Corn Dog ($1.99) sustains Agent J throughout the work week.

Hungry at 4 PM can be quite the conundrum: too late for lunch, too early for dinner, but just right for a quick snack from Small World. That’s when the Squad orders up fried Mozzarella Sticks ($3.99). When we’re feeling more healthful, we’ll opt for a side of Dolmas ($2.99), Hummus, ($4.50) or Baba Ghanoush ($4.50). Pesky errands getting you down? Perk up with a super fresh smoothie. My favorite, made with non-fat frozen yogurt, is the Hawaiian: pineapple, blackberries, banana and cran-raspberry juice ($3.25/20 oz).

If, unlike us, you don’t have to haul your meal back to the office, go ahead and order a beer, sit yourself down and do some people watching at Small World’s sidewalk café tables. You can work on your tan while you’re at it.

So, if your lunch date asks if Small World sounds good, don’t be overcome by visions of a Disney theme park experience. Just say yes, and know that you’re in for some good eats. And remember if corn dogs and falafel can live in harmony, world peace really is possible.


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