Profile – October 2007

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine “Profile” October 2007.

Arty Reyes

Profile – Arty Reyes
By Craig Smith

Arty Reyes was getting ready to go on the air with the inaugural live edition of his show, “The Napa Show (the Newest Arty Party Adventure),” on TV 28. He wore his trademark shades, and asked Dan Monez, the Executive Director of the station, if he should wear them on the show or take them off. “Keep ‘em on absolutely,” said Monez, and Arty has, ever since. “The Napa Show (the Newest Arty Party Adventure)” on Wednesdays, 6:00 to 7:30 PM is now a TV 28 success.

Reyes is a proud man who loves life. During the interview for this article, he constantly gave credit to others, and was worried that he would forget to mention someone. He is a firm believer and living proof that people can do anything to which they put their mind. He is dedicated to his wife of eleven years, Tina, and their nine-year-old daughter, Rianna. Both are part of the show. Reyes is also proud to be a Napa Valley native and a Chicano (a term popular in the seventies for American-born Mexican). He speaks with love and respect of his Mom, Crecensia; Dad, Tim; and three brothers. Graduation from Leadership Napa Valley Class 19 (which he said is the best class ever) is another source of pride for Reyes.

For the past twenty years, Reyes has been with Napa Valley Support Services, where he is an employment specialist. He helps the disabled, referred through the Department of Rehabilitation, find employment, and he loves everything about it.

About fifteen years ago, he entered and won a contest to be a DJ for an hour on KVYN. The program director heard him and offered him his own spot, which he hosted for six months. Reyes was a regular caller on Barry Martin’s show (Martin nicknamed him “Arty Party”) and would talk sports. He knew his stuff and impressed sports director Ira C. Smith, who began to ask Reyes to fill in for him. Morning talk show host Nancy Stapp was also impressed, and asked him to create something for her show. He came up with the “Mexican Man on the Street,” conducting twenty-minute interviews with people he found interesting and playing the segments on the air. For the past two years, Reyes has hosted his own show, “The KVON Sports Vine,” from 9 to 10 a.m. every Saturday. (He is quick to mention that his co-hosts, and the reason the show is successful, are Charles Kennedy, Terry ‘T-Bone’ Simpkins, and former co-host Chris Pommerening – ‘The BT Express.’) “You are only as good as the people around you,” said Reyes.

Dan Monez asked Reyes if he wanted to do a show on TV 28. Reyes figured he could do a 30-minute version of “Mexican Man on the Street.” Monez had other plans though, and suggested that Reyes do a live, 90-minute show. It was a daunting challenge, and it took Reyes about ten seconds to say yes.

Reyes doesn’t approach anything lightly, and the show is no exception. He originally wanted to reach the Latino community, but then realized he wanted a show for everybody. For co-anchor he chose local barber George Alveraz, a senior. He invited Alissa Solis (“Hollywood Home Girl” on the show) to do a segment, in order to reach teens. His daughter Rianna became “the beautiful (then) seven-year-old Mexican girl who walks in front of the camera for no apparent reason” a bit that is still part of the show. Wife Tina runs things, handling phone calls (“The Napa Show (the Newest Arty Party Adventure)” gets about 25 calls per episode.) Nephew Shawn Hangman is the director. Reyes also gives ‘shout outs’ to the camera crew and the boisterous fan. Guests are introduced to everyone on the set, and Reyes is appreciative of all of them.

“The Napa Show (the Newest Arty Party Adventure)” is fun. Reyes describes it as part Johnny Carson and a lot George Lopez. It looks effortless, but Reyes spends about twelve hours a week planning it. “I think about it all the time, until it’s over. Then I think about Saturday’s radio show,” he said. He invites everyone to tune in and enjoy both.


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