Restaurant Review – March 2008

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine Restaurant Review March 2008


By Dorothy and John Salmon

Connie Anderson, the Publisher of the Napa Marketplace, is one smart lady. When she needed someone to write restaurant reviews, who did she contact? She contacted us, two folks who eat out too much and could stand to miss a meal now and then. Well, here we go with our first column. We begin our new career at one of our many favorites in Napa, “Angele”.

We are on a first name basis with the staff at Angele. It seems like it’s our home away from home, or at least the kitchen and dining room. As we enter the place, we are greeted with smiles and “Hi Auntie Dorothy and Uncle John”.

We know the menu by heart and have our favorites. This night, however, we experience the creations of Angele’s exciting new chef, Aaron Ameneghelli who is gradually adding his own unique style to the existing menu items and creating some new additions to this already great menu.

Every evening at Angele is an exciting local adventure and this night was no exception! We brought our dear friend Dave Mendelsohn with us because his wife Donna was out of town. We enjoy Angele’s upbeat, classy atmosphere full of friendly locals and visitors blended perfectly with great food. We walked in the door and were greeted by Angele’s owner Bettina Rouas and Manager Aaron with the same great smiles and wonderful service to which we have become so accustomed.

We began with a half bottle of Dr. Loosen’s Riesling, a lovely light German wine that went perfectly with our plate of the chef’s special “grugeres,” the best rendition of cheese balls in the world! (Chef Ameneghelli’s recipe for Grugeres is at the bottom of this article). When customers arrive at Angele they are treated to what we consider the best French bread in Napa served by a very friendly staff of knowledgeable foodies.

Before our main course, Dave ordered the Artisan Salami’s Serrano Ham, Country Pate and Country Toast. It’s a traditional French opening to a great dinner. Dave ordered the Rib Eye Steak which he said was amazing, John ordered the Boeuf Bourguignon, which was fabulous, and I ordered the Coquille St. Jaques, which I think is the best rendition of Coquille St. Jaques in town. Even though we have enjoyed the French food at Angele often, Chef Ameneghelli’s new additions to the menu made the food taste better than ever. (Lunch at Angele is also fabulous and gives guests an opportunity to see the ever-changing flood control project up close and personal!)

We give Angele rave reviews and encourage you to take time to enjoy the relaxing and lovely French ambiance, great food and a superb wine list.

Here’s a tip from the locals who know that Kari, the bartender at Angele, is on the top of the list for prize winning mixed drinks and exotic libations. If you are lucky enough to have Tana serve you after Angele’s tireless owner Bettina greets you at the door, you will be in for a wonderful evening.

Angele has fabulous food, a wonderful blend of locals and visitors, and is high on our list of local places to spend an evening. Try it and tell them that Auntie Dorothy and Uncle John recommended the restaurant!

Angele – 707-252-8115
Hatt Building at the Napa River Inn
540 Main Street, Napa


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