Business Review – May 2008

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine Business Review May 2008.

Think! Toner and Ink

Think! Toner and Ink
By Kristen Kendrick

There is one job in every office or business that nobody wants. Your boss doesn’t want it so he asks your superior to do it, your superior doesn’t want it so he asks you to do it. You don’t want it so you ask the new guy to do it. This job is a menial, time consuming task, but one necessary to keep your business running. I am, of course, talking about the inventorying, stocking and re-supplying of ink and toner products. This job is especially irksome if you run out of ink or toner in your printer/fax/copy machine while knee deep in an important project. If you ever wished you could just call someone who could help you in your time of need, there is now, that “someone”. This scenario has happened to me more than once, and that is the reason I am overjoyed with the “Ink on the Spot” program from our local Think! Toner & Ink store.

Nick Cavanaugh and his wife Kim, owners of Think! Toner & Ink have developed a program to ensure that businesses never again run out of ink and toner supplies. “Ink on the Spot” harkens back to the good old days when milkmen delivered fresh milk every morning. Nick will personally come to your business, take an inventory of all your printing devices and their expected usage, then tailor a program that includes enough on- site stock to keep your business self sufficient for a predetermined amount of time. Because Think! Toner & Ink is local and conveniently located in Downtown Napa, Nick is able to come back to your business on regular service intervals to make sure you never have an “I could have sworn I ordered more!” moment again. The pricing from Think! Toner & ink is another bonus. With a savings of up to 65% on some items you may be surprised to find how much money you can keep in your pocket. They also offer parts and a full repair service that will come to you should your printer or fax machine feel a bit under the weather.

Service and quality are two things on which Think! Toner and Ink refuses to compromise. All Think! Toner & Ink’s products are of the highest quality and with Ink on the Spot, the stock management and delivery are free. Think! Toner & Ink is not an ink cartridge refilling source (the quality of products that are merely refilled and not remanufactured is not as high). Think! Toner & Ink uses contracted industrial remanufacturing companies that don’t just refill your ink or toner cartridge. They pull them apart, then rebuild your cartridges and make them like new. First they are inspected, cleaned, and worn parts and dirty ink sponges and screens are replaced. Cartridges are then recharged with ink or toner and fully tested before being repackaged and sent out. All of this is done in the clean rooms of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, not in the back of a store. Nick will gladly pick up your empty cartridges.

Nick and his wife Kim have been in the ink business in Napa for about a year now and are pleasantly surprised by the community’s commitment to buying local. “We are very happy with the way we have been taken in by our community”, Nick says with a smile. One of the major advantages of doing business at Think! Toner and Ink as a walk-in customer is the convenience. Everything you need is right behind the counter and there’s no waiting in long lines. You don’t need to bring in empties and, because Nick and Kim know their stuff, any product questions are answered without having to be redirected to someone else in another department like the big box stores.

Using “Ink on the Spot” for your business is a no-brainer! Never run out of ink again. Receive Grade A service and have quality products delivered to your office. Call today and have Nick come by and make life a little easier for you. Then spend your valuable time getting to more important business needs.


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