Profile – February 2010

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine “Profile” February 2010.

Paulette Boyce
St. John the Baptist Catholic School

Paulette Boyce truly defines the definition of being a beloved teacher. She has served as the school secretary, director of the extended care program and even coached girl’s volleyball and girl’s basketball.  For several of her last 30 years, she has been in the classroom as a kindergarten aide at St. John the Baptist Catholic School.  The philosophy of the kindergarten classroom at St. Johns is “let your light shine in”.  Mrs. Boyce truly lets her light shine in by her demonstrated tenderness and empathy with the children, on a daily basis.  When Mrs. Boyce began with the school in 1979, the Principal was a nun along with many of the teachers at the school.  The nuns were from Ireland and had a particular sweetness to them including Sister Camilla who came back from Ireland for many years after she retired from teaching at St. John the Baptist Catholic School.  Mrs. Boyce contributes the success of her longevity at St. Johns to being able to laugh every day with the children.  Many of her students have gone on to become doctors, professors and other local leaders in the Napa Valley.  She is now teaching children in the kindergarten classroom of parents she had in her classroom many years ago.  Mrs. Boyce loves St. Johns and the “warm and fuzzy” atmosphere of the school even after all of these years.  She feels strongly that the catholic education provided to the students is something they can fall back on throughout their entire lives.  As Mrs. Boyce states “her 30 years has flown by” and she looks forward to many more years with “her kids” in her kindergarten classroom.


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