Community Interest – November 2010

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine “Community Interest” November 2010.

Nursing assistant training student

Nursing Career… Step by Step… All the Way to Success
By Carolynne Gamble

At 52, Jamie Jones had to re-enter the workforce. “My husband and I split up after 18 years and I was having a very difficult time finding a job,” explained Jamie.

“I didn’t know which way to take my life and one day I was looking through the Adult Education catalog. I saw the CNA program and I thought that it might be something I’d like to do. I also noticed that Napa Workforce had financial aid available. So, I made an appointment and got started.”

Napa Valley Adult Education – CNA Training Program

“I got into the Certified Nursing Assistant Training and liked it a lot! The instructor, Janis Mousa was great. She made learning exciting and fun and I made new friends with all the students in the class. It was just an all-around great experience!”

“I was originally going to be a CAN. But I liked it so much that I wanted to further my career in nursing. I passed all my tests and I feel really good about myself and where my life is headed. It’s wonderful to have the support of my family and to hear my father say that he is proud of me.”

From the CNA program, Jamie will be entering the LVN program at Napa Valley College, and will then go on to the RN program. Napa Valley College has a program for LVN’s to transition into the Registered Nursing Program.

Step by Step – All the Way to Success

“If I had not attended Adult Education, my nursing career would never have happened. Now I can’t image doing anything else! From the moment I started the CNA training, I could see this was where I wanted to go. I am so thankful for that opportunity and my plan now is to become a registered nurse.”

“CNA training is a step to becoming a licensed vocational nurse or registered nurse, so it’s exciting to be part of such an essential career path,” announced Laurel Leonard-Brol, Instructional Supervisor for Career and Technical Education (CTE).

“We’re extremely pleased to have the Nursing Assistant Training up and running strong. There is a huge need for skilled, enthusiastic and compassionate nursing assistants in our community, and some of our most recent graduates have already obtained jobs!”

So what is your dream job? For more information about Career and Technical Education, contact Laurel at Napa Valley Adult Education, 707-259-8568. Access the extensive class schedule and register online anytime at


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