COPE Family Center – February 2011

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine “Community Interest” February 2011.

COPE Family Center, Napa

COPE Family Center
By Marsha Dorgan

Being a parent can be a stressful challenge. However, Napa Valley parents have a great resource available to help them.

COPE Family services offers support to families with parenting education, drop-in child care and other programs, according to development director Mandy Page.

“We cater to families with babies to teenagers,” she said. “We have walk-ins who fill out an intake report for clients who are in a crisis situation.”

Page said, “COPE has a high success record for helping families who are in danger from child abuse and neglect.”
The center, in downtown Napa, has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Families wait in the comfortable reception room, which is inviting both to parents and kids. A family waiting for their appointment said, “This is the best service we have been able to receive. It has turned our life around and given us hope to make our family life better.”
COPE has a community room open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“We have a free, lending library, a child’s room where the kids can wait while we talk to their parents,” Page said.

She said the agency helps with obtaining work for unemployed parents and connecting them with other non-profit organizations that may be able to assist them.

COPE also works on one-to-one basis with families, Page said. “We have about a two-month waiting list.’

COPE has been in Napa since 1972. It depends on federal and foundation grants and its annual fundraisers.

The organization is connected with many Napa Valley businesses, including the Gasser Foundation.

Programs offered by COPE are expansive.

• Mother’s Group, which gives mothers a time to meet and connect with other moms. The program is offered in English and Spanish.

• Ages and Stages, which helps parents, determine if their child is progressing at his or her age.

• Children in the Middle, which helps children with the death or divorce of a parent,

• Kinship and Coffee, which helps people who
are raising grandchildren, younger siblings or other relatives.

• Kids’ Turn, a workshop for kids, ages 4 to 14, whose parents are going through a divorce or

• Family Rules, which concentrates on a family looking for a structured approach for discipline.

Information about COPE is available by calling 252-1123 or


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