Business Review – April 2011

Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine Business Review April 2011.

Giles Family Chiropractic

About 10 years ago, Lisa Koester was in a car accident that left her with back and neck pain. Fortunately, Koester met Paul Ruscica and Kristen Giles, owners of Giles Family Chiropractic, at a Napa Chamber of Commerce event. Now, thanks to them, she’s pain- free.

People come to Giles Family Chiropractic at 2020 Redwood Rd for a variety of reasons. Some, like Koester, have been in a car accident. Others suffer from sports injuries, sleep disorders, asthma, allergies, arthritis or respiratory issues. Or, they are chronically sick or are experiencing tingling or numbness in their hands and feet. But, the one thing they have in common is they all want to get better; and they do. Ruscica and Giles say they have a 99 percent success rate.

When people first come in, they are examined. Then they return to have their spine or another part of their body adjusted.  Giles Family Chiropractic also does what are known as “extremity adjustments” on patients’ hands, wrists, shoulders, knees and jaws. “Pretty much any part of your body you can think of, we can adjust,” Ruscica says.

Many patients come back for regular adjustments. Koester, for example, gets her spine adjusted once a week. “It doesn’t hurt at all,” she explains. “It feels great. There’s nothing about chiropractic that hurts.”

It’s all about making sure the nervous system is in alignment, Ruscica explains. Once that happens, the body will heal itself properly.

Some people come to Giles Family Chiropractic even if they aren’t in pain or experiencing problems simply as a precautionary measure, just to make sure everything is OK with their spine and that their nervous system is working properly, Ruscica points out.

Giles Family Chiropractic treats people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly. In fact, the oldest patient was in her 90s, according to Giles.

The parents of two young daughters, Kiera and Sydney, Ruscica and Giles provide a family-friendly environment and a business that works well with children. Several things make Giles Family Chiropractic unique. Not only is it a family-owned and operated business led by a husband-wife team but Giles is a certified pediatric chiropractic.

Ruscica and Giles take a whole body approach to wellness. They offer exercise classes on Saturday mornings. They also analyze people’s diets and encourage them to make healthy choices.  “They (patients) can’t heal as well if they are eating a junk food diet,” Ruscica says.

Concludes Koester: “They are much more knowledgeable than regular doctors. They are much more advanced in terms of wellness care in general. If the world were taking 60% less drugs, the world would be 100% happier.”

How did Ruscica and Giles get into the chiropractic field and choose it as their career? Ruscica originally planned to be a traditional doctor. But then he saw how chiropractic work helped his mother, who was diabetic and had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He also found that it personally helped him with allergies and strep throat. So, he decided it was a field he wanted to pursue.

Giles, on the other hand, sought chiropractic work as a teenager after suffering from headaches. While the first chiropractor she turned to simply adjusted her for pain, the second one found the root of the problem and also encouraged the interest she already had in the field.

Ruscica and Giles both grew up in London, Ontario. Though they are both from the same city in Canada, they met each other for the first time at Parker College of Chiropractic, a prestigious college in Texas. They launched Giles Family Chiropractic in February 2001.

Elana Hammond first came to Giles Family Chiropractic about 10 years ago after suffering from chronic back pain and has been a patient ever since. “Even when they have their own life things going on, they’re in tune with their patients,” she says. “They often will go out of their way for their patients. I like the fact that they have availability on the weekends, just knowing they are there for you if you need them, if you’re having a setback or flare-up or what not.” Concludes Hammond: “They’re there to give information to their patients but they are not pushy.”

Scott Peterson had a history of lower back pain when his son-in-law recommended he check out Giles Family Chiropractic. “They were able to diagnose what was going on and recommend a regimen of treatment and exercise that really helped,” he explains.

Before Peterson came to Giles Family Chiropractic, he had trouble sleeping, couldn’t finish a round of golf and couldn’t even throw a ball. But now he is able to do all three. “They go beyond chiropractic care,” he says. “They have a whole wellness philosophy that’s really good.”


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