19TH ANNUAL POW WOW ~ August 4th-5th, 2012 ~


~ August 4th-5th, 2012 ~


Welcome! For the past ten years, people of all ages and cultures have met each fall at the Yountville Veterans’ home Picnic Grounds to enjoy singing, drumming, and dancing, while broadening their understanding of Native American individuals, tribes, and nations. Our mission is to provide a cultural event that embodies the traditional and modern-life ways of Native Americans and recognizes the current accomplishments of Native Americans. We hope that you will join us for this year’s Pow Wow.

Pow-Wows, Gatherings or sometimes referred to as Big Times, were, traditionally, set up as seasonal celebrations, harvest gatherings for visits amongst families, to trade and, for young folks to meet marriageable partners from other tribal groups. Initially, in post-colonial period, it was a time to come together to see who had survived the “Indian campaigns,” and to find ways to move forward, as well as the traditional reasons for coming together. Currently, it is much the same. It is a time to share with all people the beauty and richness of Native American culture!
So, please bring family, friends and co-workers. The event is free and you may come and go throughout the day as
you wish. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on. There will  be food and crafts for sale.  It is asked you come in a respectful way; no drugs or alcohol are permitted at the event. The master of ceremonies will explain things throughout the weekend.

On both days, drumming and dancing begins at 11am.

You can help support this annual event, and the scholarship fund, by donating money, goods, or services. For information about donations, vendor space or to volunteer, Please call 707-256-3561  email: suscol@suscol.net
website: http://www.suscolcouncil.org

Sponsored by Suscol Intertribal Council with funding from the Napa County Mental Health Division¹s Mental Health Service Act (MHSA) Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) component and Gasser Foundation.


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