3rd Annual Wine Country Truck and Tractor Pull




3rd Annual Wine Country Truck and Tractor Pull

Tractorpull WP

Join us on June 29th at the Napa Expo to experience the excitement of the 3rd Annual Wine Country Truck and Tractor Pull; as high-octane intensity explodes on the track and power-hungry, pulling trucks and tractors battle for championship honors.  This year’s fun includes an Antique Tractor competition, a Kiddie Pull contest, and live music by The Deadlies.


Here’s a little history of the sport, and further details on this thrilling event. Tractor pulling, aka power pulling is, in fact, the world’s most powerful motorsport, whose origins date to the 1800’s.


Back when farming machines were pulled by horses, farmers would boast about the strength of their steed – making claims that their horse could tow the largest loads of hay. Challenges were set, and contests created, to prove who had the strongest horse. The most common contest involved hitching horses to a barn door laid flat on the ground.  The farmer would urge the horses further as they dragged the door while, one by one, people would jump on the door until the horse pulling the most people the greatest distance was judged the strongest. Hence the term: horsepower.


Horse pulling still takes place today, but when motorized vehicles came on the scene (circa 1929), it broadened the audience to a larger, international scope, which continues to grow in popularity as engine sizes increased: from 450 cubic inches/7.3 liters in the 1960’s up to 700 cubic inches/11.5 liters.


Today, tractor pulling competitions pit modified pulling tractors in four different weight classes, each pulling weight transfer machines up to 60,000 pounds (30 tons).  The beginner pullers compete in the mini modified tractor class, pulling a mere 20,000 pounds (10 tons).  In elephant weight, the big tractors can pull about six elephants and the minis can pull two.


Napa County Farm Bureau, in association with Maxx Kakl Powersports, presents a bigger and more electrifying event at Napa’s third annual Wine Country Truck and Tractor Pull. Kids of all ages are invited to join in the rip roaring fun, with modified pulling tractors performing full throttle wheelies and leaping front tires as some of the state’s most skilled and daring tractor drivers compete to pull the heaviest and farthest on a 300-foot track!



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